Alafia River Boat Parade Rules:

All boats must pre-register. ONLY pre-registered boats will be eligible for judging and prizes. Boats are allowed to be in the parade, but will not be eligible for prizes if they are not registered.

You will be given your boat parade number signs at sign-in on the river at the 301 bridge. It is mandatory that you display the boat number clearly for the judging on the right side of the boat, you will be passing the judges at the Civic Center Dock on the way down the river past the Beer Shed from 301 bridge. This will be the only time at which the judges will be judging you. All boats competing must turn in their numbers at River’s Edge to be considered for prizes. These numbers are the property of the FishHawk Riverview Rotary Club. If for some reason they are not turned in at River’s Edge, please kindly return to Four Paws Veterinary hospital at 9430 Balm Riverview Rd, Riverview, FL.

Prizes are to be determined.

Please refrain from using the Civic Center to park your trailer once you have launched. We need the space for parking for the onlookers of our community at the Civic Center, and we ask that you leave from there no later than 4 pm.

All boat participants must assemble on the west side of the Highway 301 Bridge in the water by 5:30 p.m. You should be launched from Williams Park boat launch by 4:00 pm in order to make it to the 301 bridge in time for the parade. Those that are not launching from Williams Park need only to check-in with the parade boat captain, Michael Broussard, at the 301 bridge on the Alafia to get your number. If you are competing, you must preregister with our parade boat captain, Michael Broussard, so as to expedite the process at the 301 bridge. The parade starts at 6:00 p.m. While staging the parade order, boats must stay toward the middle of the river until the balance of the boaters are ready.

All vessels must remain in the same order throughout the parade. The boaters tend to zigzag from shore to shore. Please continue to follow the boat in front of you. No stopping or passing is allowed except where indicated by the lead boat. If you should have motor trouble, pull over to the side and our assist boat will help you. All vessels must remain at idle speed and remain at least 4 boat lengths apart in line as numbered. VHF Channel 69 will be monitored for your assistance.

The parade will precede up the river past the Beer Shed depending on river conditions and then return back down the River and onto River’s Edge for the award ceremony/after party. All winners will be contacted by the Rotary Club at River’s Edge; winners must be present to win.


No rain date has been scheduled. This is an outdoor event so please use good judgment in the case of bad weather. No refunds will be issued for bad weather.

Boats will be judged by select dignitaries of Riverview and based on creativity, theme and overall appearance. The FishHawkRiverview Rotary Club will not participate in the judging.

Please complete form online and pay online $25.00 Registration Fee

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